Fume Extraction

Fumex fume extraction and air filtration systems for every possible application.

Fumex Industrial Fume Extraction and Air Filtration Systems

Industrial work areas often need fume extractors to ensure a cleaner and safer environment for employees and the work facility.

Fumex Air Filtration Systems is an established manufacturer for over sixty years and offers a wide range of products to suit most industrial requirements. The products are offered in F-Series and G-Series along with replacement filters.

Areas of concern:

  • Printing Fumes
  • Welding Fumes
  • Laser Fumes
  • Soldering Fumes
  • Dental Lab Dust
  • Laser Applications
  • Industrial Odor Removal
  • Food & Beverage Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
  • Electronics Manufacturing
  • And more

Fumex is experienced in removing fumes and has field-proven equipment for specialty applications.

All Fumex products are manufactured in the USA.

Fumex offers lead times of under 3 days after receipt of a P.O.

Fumex carries inventory and can react to emergency situations & ship overnight.

Fumex boasts an estimated 22,000 to 25,000 units in the field.

Fumex Filtration Systems are lighter weight than competitor products from some European countries & Canada. This results in lower shipping costs for our systems.

We have experienced employees trained to advise and provide the best air purification solutions to fit your needs.

Air cleaning requirements vary by industry and application. The Fumex team will guide you to the right solution for your company.

Superior Customer Service sets Fumex apart from our competitors. We do whatever it takes to assure customer satisfaction.

More About Fumex Air Filtration and Fume Extraction Systems

For over 30 years Fumex has been a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of commercial and industrial fume extraction systems and industrial indoor air filtration systems. Our fume extractors are self-contained for easy use and installation. Our laser fume extractors and other air filtration systems target any process that produces gas, odor, or dust. 

We incorporate the latest technology allowing you flexible configurations depending on the type of particulate, airflow required, and environmental, ergonomic and integration considerations. 

Modern manufacturing processes often require the use of materials that disseminate noxious or toxic gas fumes, vapors and odors into the workplace. Our focus is to provide equipment that captures these pollutants at the source, ensuring workplace health and preventing their release into the outside air. Our products are fitted with filters specific to your application, and our accessories (hose, arms, hoods, etc.) make different applications and installations a breeze. 

Are you concerned about indoor air pollution & dangerous indoor fumes?

Indoor air pollution and dangerous indoor fumes can come from several sources. Many industrial machines and factors can release vapors and other substances that contribute to poor indoor air quality, the results of which can be anything from mildly toxic to deadly.

According to the EPA, “health effects from indoor air pollutants may be experienced soon after exposure or, possibly, years later,” Pollutants can lead to respiratory diseases, cancer, skin infections, and more. Implementing proper indoor air filtration and fume extraction is crucial and protecting workers from potential harm should be a top priority.

Contact us to provide details of your fume extraction, air cleaning, or dust removal requirements.

Our team will quickly evaluate and recommend the best solution to provide a safer and cleaner workplace environment for your employees. Please describe your environment and the equipment you are using so that we can access your specific needs. Upload any data that can assist with your evaluation in the Contact Us form just below.

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