Dust Collection Systems
F Series Units

Dust Collection Systems

Fumex industrial dust collectors and dust removal systems effectively capture industrial process dust. 

Our dust extractors remove dust generated from: 

  • CNC Grinding & Routing, 
  • Electronics & Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, 
  • Jewelry Polishing, 
  • Lab & Shop Environments. 

This type of dust collection system consists of inexpensive pre-filters, HEPA filters and optional gas/odor filters that remove harmful particulates and return purified air to the workplace.

All Fumex products are manufactured in the USA.

Fumex offers lead times of under 3 days after receipt of a P.O.

Fumex carries inventory and can react to emergency situations & ship overnight.

Fumex boasts an estimated 22,000 to 25,000 units in the field.

Fumex Filtration Systems are lighter weight than competitor products from some European countries & Canada. This results in lower shipping costs for our systems.

We have experienced employees trained to advise and provide the best air purification solutions to fit your needs.

Air cleaning requirements vary by industry and application. The Fumex team will guide you to the right solution for your company.

Superior Customer Service sets Fumex apart from our competitors. We do whatever it takes to assure customer satisfaction.

Contact us to provide details of your fume extraction, air cleaning, or dust removal requirements.

Our team will quickly evaluate and recommend the best solution to provide a safer and cleaner workplace environment for your employees. Please describe your environment and the equipment you are using so that we can access your specific needs. Upload any data that can assist with your evaluation in the Contact Us form just below.

Please contact us – we are ready to assist!