Hybrid Hexapod

Hybrid Hexapod

ALIO’s patented next generation Hybrid Hexapod® takes a different approach to traditional 6 Degree of Freedom (6-DOF) positioning devices and exhibits much higher performance at extremely competitive prices.

Rather than 6 independent legs (and 12 connection joints) The Hybrid Hexapod® combines a precision XY monolithic stage, tripod and continuous rotation theta-Z axis to provide superior overall performance. This provides traditional Hexapod kinematics obsolete with superior improvements in:

  • Precision
  • Path Performance
  • Speed
  • Stiffness & Larger work envelope with virtually unlimited XY Travel &
  • Fully Programmable Tool Center Point Locations

The Hybrid Hexapod® has less than 100nm 3-Dimensional 6 axis Point Precision® repeatability 

Which makes it an essential technology for mission critical applications in the following:

  • Laser Processing
  • Optical Inspection
  • Photonics
  • Semiconductor 
  • Metrology
  • Medical Device Sectors &
  • All Micro-Machining Projects

Traditional hexapods cannot achieve sub-micron accuracy because they require the accurate coordination of the movement of all six axes to accomplish a motion profile, even if the requirement is only for a simple single-axes motion. In addition, even though the general perception is that hexapods exhibit good stiffness compared to serial stacked multi-axis systems this is only in the vertical Z axis with weaknesses in the XY plane.

MINI Hybrid Hexapod / Angulares™

The 60-degree tip/tilt travel of the Angulares™ Hybrid Hexapod® is by far the most angular travel range available from any 6-Degree-Of-Freedom (6-DOF) positioner on the market and offers the same unmatched positioning performance found in any of ALIO’s full-line of Hybrid Hexapod systems. 

The design makes the Angularescapable of unlimited XY travel, Z travel for 62 mm which can be increased to 208 mm using other tripod models, tip/tilt travel of 60 degrees (+/- 30 degrees) with continuous 360-degree Theta-Z, XYZ bidirectional repeatability of less than +/- 0.6 arc-seconds, velocity up to 100 mm/second XY and Z, and less than 10 nanometers linear and 0.1 arc-seconds angular minimum incremental motion.

This model is perfectly suited for applications including 

  • Aspheric and freeform optical metrology, 
  • Silicon photonics packaging and probing, 
  • Laser micro processing (non-planar substrates and taper control), 
  • Wafer metrology, 
  • Camera module alignment and assembly, 
  • Sensor/image stabilization testing and 
  • Optical element and fiber alignment.
  • Precision crossed roller bearing guides, 
  • Optical incremental or absolute encoder feedback on all axes, 
  • Linear motor and/or servo ball screw drives, 
  • Unlimited programmable tool center point locations and coordinate offsets, 
  • Zero backlash on all axes. 

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