Ultrashort Pulse Laser Workstation
Mundt DB-241218-7Axis

Ultrashort Pulse Laser Workstation

A General-Purpose Moving Part Laser Workstation available in Class I & Class IV configurations. Travel & Work Area, 24” X 12” X 18” This machine can handle manufacturing medium size products.

This Ultrashort Pulse Laser Applications Workstation is specially designed for emphasis on ultrashort pulse processes for manufacturing.

Recently Ultra-short pulse lasers have been favored and applied with advanced technology for multiple Industrial applications to bring about cost-efficient precision to micromachining.

The ultra-short pulse lasers, (approximately 100 femtoseconds to 10 picoseconds) perform unique tasks in multiple industrial applications, particularly cutting, drilling, marking and other surface modification processes. Ultra-short pulse laser energy ablates with minimal heating so there is only a small heat affected zone. This improved process enables new and more complex product designs, improves product reliability, and lowers overall production costs.

Detailed Specifications


Brushless Servo Motor ControlX,Y and Z
Optional Linear MotorsX and Y
Heavy Duty Roller WaysX,Y and Z
Machine BaseGround Steel
Machine SupportsSteel Tubing
Optional AxesUp to 12 Axes


X Axis 24 in
Y Axis12 in
Z Axis18 in
Tilt Axis Optional+/- 135 deg
Rotary Axis OptionalContinuous

Maximum Speed

X Axis8 in/sec
Y Axis8 in/sec
Z Axis5 in/sec
X Axis With Linear Motor20 in/sec
Y Axis With Linear Motor20 in/sec
Tilt Axis Optional120 deg/sec
Rotary Axis Optional Gear Drive120 deg/sec
Rotary Axis Optional Direct Drive500 rpm


X Axis+/- .0005 in/ft
Y Axis+/- .0005 in/ft
Z Axis+/- .0005 in/ft
X Axis Optional Linear Motor+/- 5 µm/m
Y Axis Optional Linear Motor+/- 5 µm/m
Z Axis Optional Linear Motor+/- 5 µm/m
Tilt Axis Optional200 arc-sec
Rotary Axis Optional Gear Drive200 arc-sec
Rotary Axis Optional Direct Drive+/- 10 arc-sec

Positioning Resolution

X Axis.000016 in
Y Axis.000016 in
Z Axis.000016 in
X Axis Optional Linear Motor250 nm
Y Axis Optional Linear Motor250 nm
Z Axis Optional Linear Scale250 nm
Tilt Axis Optional3.2 arc-sec
Rotary Axis Optional Gear Drive3.2 arc-sec
Rotary Axis Optional Direct Drive1.8 arc-sec

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