Laser Tube Cutting Workstation
Laser Cut Stent
GP-1812-5 TC

Laser Tube Cutting Workstation

What are your Tube Cutting Requirements?

Mundt offers several standard machines that can be configured for tube cutting to meet customers’ defined specifications.

We Provide Multiple Options.

The systems start with a basic 2-axes rotary with an automatic 1C, 3C or 5C collet closer and tubing feed (Z).  If cutting off the centerline of the tubing is required, an X axis can be provided.  

For the utmost in versatility, a removable rotary and tubing feed axes can be added to a Standard 3 axes machine like the GP1812.  We bolt the tubing cutting axes to the top of the Y axes when tubing is needed to be cut and then remove the axes when other multi axes operations are required.  If continuous cuts need to be made along the length of a long tube, a precision non-pull back automatic collet can be optioned onto the system.  

Other options available include choice of laser, cutting blocks, parts catcher, bar feeders and wet or dry 

Standard tubing sizes vary between .015” to 1.125”.  Larger sizes can be accommodated with a custom system. 

Send your product drawings or concepts and our technical staff will recommend the best manufacturing process for your application.

We offer free sample processing in our Applications Lab to confirm process feasibility and final product quality. Upload your part drawing files or sketches on our Contact Us form below.

Please contact us – we are ready to assist!