Laser Glovebox Workstation
Mundt GP-3012

Laser Glovebox Workstation

Mundt builds high quality standard and custom Glove Box workstations for customer-specific applications Including cutting, welding, drilling, and ablation for micromachining parts and components with submicron accuracy. 

We understand the importance of the features that must be included in the production of your Glove Box:

  • Process control – Hermetic welds can be delivered by coaxial shield gas or your welds can be completed in a hermetic atmosphere with no contamination.
  • Process monitoring – Data is captured in real-time and recordings are saved.
  • Part to part Traceability-each part is marked with an ID Matrix code
  • Increase yields and reduce scrap waste. 
  • Increase production throughput
  • Increase your ROI

This specialized technology is applicable for complex processes used for medical devices, aerospace, high-end automotive and other specialized Industries needing exacting parts and processes.

Please send us details of your application and we will provide a Glove Box solution to meet your needs. 

Send your product drawings or concepts and our technical staff will recommend the best manufacturing process for your application.

We offer free sample processing in our Applications Lab to confirm process feasibility and final product quality. Upload your part drawing files or sketches on our Contact Us form below.

Please contact us – we are ready to assist!