Heavy Wire Lead Bonder

Heavy Wire Lead Bonder

The Mundt Interconnect Bonder employs a novel, patented process for making electrical interconnections. It is a fully automated production system that combines aspects of wire bonding and laser welding.

Features include: 

  • No ultrasonics – able to bond to less rigid terminals
  • Compatible with various ribbon and terminal materials
  • High strength connections – typical pull strength for .002” by .015” ribbon is 500-600 gram-force
  • Scalable to larger and smaller ribbons.

Ribbon material options include Nickel, Nickel clad Copper, Aluminum, Platinum, Niobium, and Titanium. If a material is weldable and can be formed into ribbon, it is a candidate for this process. 

The laser interconnect bonder system was developed for use in electronic assemblies requiring high reliability, long life, and automated assembly. Benefits include less terminal stiffness required, new material options for terminals and ribbons, and excellent fatigue life.

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