General Purpose Laser Workstation
Mundt GP-1812

General Purpose Laser Workstation

The Mundt GP- 1812 is a General-Purpose Standard Workstation available in Class I or Class IV configurations.

The GP family of machines has been designed based on a concept of adaptability.  The machine can be initially purchased as an inexpensive 3 axis workstation and can then be upgraded in the future as the customer’s needs change.  There is a long list of options that can be upgraded on site for the GP Family of machines.

The basic GP-1812 has a travel & work area – 18” X 12” X 8” and is configured with Three (3) axes, X, Y and Z of servo-controlled motion. The system is expandable to 12 axes of motion.

Custom thin glass cutting, cover slips with exceptional diameter tolerance ±3 µm, microscopy slides with thickness tolerance ±1 µm, cover glass, etc.

Additionally, we have mechanical dicing tools that extend our capabilities and let us offer solutions to all markets.

Special Feature

This Standard GP-1812 machine is built to easily field-install optional machine components as customer requirements evolve.

Detailed Specifications


Brushless Servo Motor Control X,Y and Z
Heavy Duty Roller Ways X,Y and Z
Machine Base 3 in Ground Steel
Machine Supports 4 in Steel Tubing
Optional Axes Up to 12 Axes


X Axis 18 in
Y Axis12 in
Z Axis8 in
Tilt Axis Optional135 deg
Rotary Axis OptionalContinuous

Maximum Speed

X Axis8 in/sec
Y Axis8 in/sec
Z Axis5 in/sec
X Axis With Linear Motor20 in/sec
Y Axis With Linear Motor20 in/sec
Tilt Axis Optional120 deg/sec
Rotary Axis Optional Gear Drive20 deg/sec
Rotary Axis Optional Direct Drive1000 rpm


X Axis+/- .0005 in/ft
Y Axis+/- .0005 in/ft
Z Axis+/- .0005 in/ft
X Axis Optional Linear Motor+/- 5 µm/m
Y Axis Optional Linear Motor+/- 5 µm/m
Z Axis Optional Linear Motor+/- 5 µm/m
Tilt Axis Optional200 arc-sec
Rotary Axis Optional Gear Drive200 arc-sec
Rotary Axis Optional Direct Drive+/- 10 arc-sec

Positioning Resolution

X Axis.000016 in
Y Axis.000016 in
Z Axis.000016 in
X Axis Optional Linear Motor250 nm
Y Axis Optional Linear Motor250 nm
Z Axis Optional Linear Scale250 nm
Tilt Axis Optional3.2 arc-sec
Rotary Axis Optional Gear Drive3.2 arc-sec
Rotary Axis Optional Direct Drive1.8 arc-sec

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