Laser Workstation for multiphoton polymerization.

Main Features

  • Fabrication of complex objects with submicron resolution.
  • High speed and ultra-high precision micromachining.
  • Efficient beam delivery and power control.
  • High-end industrial-grade femtosecond laser.
  • High-performance galvanometer scanners.
  • Object movement and laser pulse synchronization in time and space.
  • Unique software interface controlling all hardware units.

Benefits of the FemtoMPP

Custom Built

Every workstation is built according to the exact results you require


You can add additional function when you need them


One workstation is adaptable to several applications

Full Support

We will install the workstation at your premises and train your team

Proven Performance

There are systems already installed in a diverse range of businesses, universities & miscellaneous organizations


One Year Warranty and after Warranty Service


 StandardAdvanced Custom
Laser micromachining technologies Additive Additive Customer’s choice
LaserSingle or dual-wavelength NIR, Green, UV Customer’s choice
Minimum XY feature size 300 nm 150 nm (typical 200 nm) STED option available
Finest XY resolution 700 nm 300 nm Solution dependant
Finest vertical resolution 1,5 µm 0,5 µm Solution dependant
Layer distance 0,5-1 µm 0,05 – 3 µm Solution dependant
Maximum object height 1 mm 10 mm Solution dependant
Build volume 10x10x0,5 mm 60x60x10 mm DigitalSolution dependant
Maximum working range 60x60x5100x100x35Customer’s choice
Minimum surface roughness, Ra 50 nm 30 nm Solution dependant
Scanning speed 0,1-1 mm/s 0,1-100 mm/s Solution dependant
Autofocus Included Customer’s choice
Power control Integrated external control Integrated external control Integrated external control

We Deliver a Full-Service Solution

  • Prototyping

    Rapid prototyping services to test your idea in an actual environment

  • Production Services

    Small to medium scale production services from one unit

  • Laser System Development

    Tailor-made laser systems designed for your specific applications

Send us your idea or drawing and our team will act quickly to determine the best solution for your application. We are ready to assist!