The Ideal Solution for Laboratories and R&D Centers

The FemtoLAB KIT is a proven solution for scientific and industrial customers who already have a laser source but do not have a workstation to enable laser micromachining applications.

Main Features of the FemtoLAB KIT

  • The ability to fabricate complex objects with submicron resolution
  • High-speed micromachining
  • XYZ high accuracy sample positioning
  • Custom beam delivery and shaping for selected wavelengths
  • The entire system is controlled through a single-screen interface
  • The system is easily upgraded for a custom design

Benefits of the FemtoLABKIT

Custom Built
Every workstation is built to suit the customer’s requirements and provide the desired results

Additional functions can be added as the need arise

One workstation can do multiple applications

Full Support
Workstations will be installed into your facility and training the team is included with the installation

Two Years warranty
And services afterward

Available upon request. Our systems are installed in diverse businesses, university laboratories, and research organizations.

System Configuration

  • The laser source is provided by the customer
  • The laser System is automated by micromachining SCA Software
  • Sample Positioning System
  • Beam Delivery and scanning unit
  • System Control software (Auto-focus and machine vision is available on request)
  • Sample Holders and special mechanics
  • (Sample Handling automation is available on request)
  • Optical Table
  • Machine Enclosure (Full or Partial)
  • Dust Removal Unit
Applications suited to the FemtoLAB KIT

Send your product drawings or concepts and our technical staff will recommend the best manufacturing process for your application.

We offer free sample processing in our Applications Lab to confirm process feasibility and final product quality. Upload your part drawing files or sketches on our Contact Us form below.

Please contact us – we are ready to assist!