A Laser Workstation for Fiber Bragg Gratings Writing

FemtoFBG is a laser micromachining workstation optimized for fiber Bragg gratings (FBG) writing. It is a perfect choice for scientific laboratories, R&D centers, and industrial clients working with fiber lasers, distributed sensors, and telecommunications.

Femtosecond FBG writing is a proven technology for universal Bragg Gratings writing in various optical fibers, including not UV-sensitized fibers.​

The main advantage of the femtosecond laser writing unlimited length or structure of Bragg grating is not using a phase mask. Femtosecond lasers can be applied for Point-by-Point (PbP) and Line-by-Line (LbL) for up to 2nd order FBGs writing in various optical fibers, including multicore fibers. The smallest pitch in PbP writing is ~1 µm.

​​Femtosecond FBG writing using a phase mask enables long-term modifications that are impossible with Excimer lasers.​


 StandardAdvanced Custom
Micromachining technologies Direct laser writing Direct laser writing, Mask writingThe system can include fiber drilling, marking, and other functionalities
LaserSingle-wavelengthDual-wavelengthDesign wavelengths/wavelengths can be chosen, including integration of the customer’s provided laser source
FBG writing optionsPoint-by-Point (PbP) writing, Line-by-Line (LbL) writing, Apodized gratingsPoint-by-Point (PbP) writing, Line-by-Line (LbL) writing, Apodized gratings, FBGs are written using a phase maskOptional interferometric technique
FibersSingle-mode fibers, multicore fibersVersatileVersatile
Maximum fiber diameter1 mmCustomer’s choiceCustomer’s choice
Maximum working range50x50x550x100x35Up to 300×300
Flat samples processingIncludedIncludedIncluded
Fiber core autofocusDigitalDigital
Fiber tension controlIncludedHolder designed according to individual requirements
Polarization controlMotorizedMotorized Linear Polarization rotation, Circular, Elliptical, Azimuthal, other
WritingWith positioning systemWith positioning system and/or scanning unitPositioning and scanning units can be chosen by the customer
Power controlIntegrated external controlIntegrated external controlOption for real-time pulse energy measurement
Vibration controlPassiveAntivibration isolationPassive/Acitve

Main Features

  • Direct writing (point-by-point, line-by-line, plane-by-plane)
  • Precise reflection/transmission spectrum control
  • Direct writing without immersion oil
  • Ultra-long FBGs
  • Apodized Bragg Gratings
  • Variety of optical fibers (single-mode, dual-cladding, multi-core, etc.)
  • Femtosecond FBG writing with a phase mask
  • Writing through the cladding – no need to strip the fibers before FBG inscription.
  • All fiber types – no need for UV photosensitivity.
  • Easy process tuning for different gratings – the mask is not required.
  • Virtually no system maintenance costs compared to excimer laser-based system.