Mesh Filters Manufacturing

Mesh Filters Manufacturing

We Offer Mesh Filters Manufacturing Services Custom Design, Diverse Materials, µm Sizes, & Rapid Prototyping with Ultra-High Precision & Top-Quality Results.

Laser drilling of metal alloys brings high quality and precision for many applications – diverse filters, aerosol generation, inhalation applications, drug delivery systems, functional surfaces, fuel delivery systems, and many more.

Mesh filters, depending on their specifications, can be found in many different applications. Mesh filter manufacturing using femtosecond lasers are an effective solution for fabricating micro holes with a strong filtering effect for particles of different micro sizes.

Femtosecond lasers are unique for their processing due to minimized heat effects while keeping sub-micron feature size.

Mesh filter, circular 5 mm diameter. Back illumination.

How it Works


The work begins with your task – our team investigates it, tests in our lab, and comes back with the best possible solution. The outcome of this stage is the design of the prototype.


Many of our customers use our rapid prototyping services before moving to scale production. It helps to evaluate and test your idea in a real environment, thus avoid mistakes during scale production.


Prototyping usually turns into small to medium-scale production that we organize in our facilities, including production in our cleanroom if required.


Some of our customers decide to own a laser workstation for their task and organize production at their facilities. In this case, we develop a laser system, install it at the customer site and transfer a recipe for the specific application.

Send your product idea or drawing and our team will act quickly to determine the right solution for you.

We will turn your ideas into reality by employing our design capabilities, industry knowledge, and advanced technology processes to create a prototype for your approval. Once we receive prototype approval, we can produce the product for you in quantities from 1 unit to thousands.

Whether for a new or existing product requirement, our facilities are equipped to handle any femtosecond laser micromachining task, including production in our cleanroom facilities if required. Upload your part drawing files or sketches on our Contact Us form below.

Please contact us – we are ready to assist!